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‘Giving is the best communication’

By Chrblocom / 26. November 2013

By markus

Christmas is that time of the year where everyone is thinking of giving.

You are giving … to your family

You are giving … to your loved ones

You are giving … to organizations.

This Year, maybe, you are giving to the Philippines.

Giving is a wonderful thing.

It means you are starting to think of a person that means a lot to you. You are thinking how you can make this person happy. You are thinking what the person would like and how you can make that person smile.

The pure fact that you are not just thinking of yourself and what makes you happy, is already an important step. Too often we think of what we need, what is important to us and how our lives can become more pleasant and comfortable.

Christmas is that time, when you can START giving. Not just financially, not just in terms of conditional giving, not just as a once off gift, but maybe as a lifestyle.


  • Think of it, how your life can become a life of giving, not just in Christmas.
  • How can you give of yourself regularly?

Starting to give will make this world and all of its society a bit more human!

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