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Impulse for your month

By Burnin‘ Heart Reports


Everybody knows them, everybody has them, behind the TV or the couch, under the bed… Dirty, dusty corners. I guess, everybody of you knows what I’m talking about, in every apartment there is such a place, where you just don’t care about the dust and dirt, maybe because nobody is ever looking in these hidden corners. You just leave them as they are because they don’t really bother you.
But there’s that point where you get annoyed of them because there’s more and more dirt and dust in these corners. When you finally get enerved by them, it’s already too late to clean them easily. The dust got stuck on the surfaces and if you’re trying to clean it up you’ll see that it’s a horrible mess and you’ll think „If I only cleaned this up earlier!“
Now I’m telling you that there are also a lot of dirty corners in your life and they need to be cleaned up. I’m sure you know about them: Inappropriate thoughts about other people, a lie you are carrying around with you, your secret addictions and all these things you hide in your mind. If you don’t tell anybody, you don’t bother anybody, right?
Well, it’s not that easy, because God knows about them and he is annoyed about your dirty, dusty corners. He sees them, but if you don’t let him clean up the mess, you will always carry these burdens with you. If YOU finally get annoyed of the corners, it’s not as easy to clean them up because the dirt is sticking to you and keeps bothering you. It will maybe take a long time, but if you let God take over your dirty corners he will clean them over time and will polish the surfaces underneath the dust. You will be shining clean again and able to live without carrying the burdens around with you. Let God clean up your dirty corners and you will see, life get’s easier and brighter as you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

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