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Revival: Peace and Love of GOD ruling

By Mike Dasbach .This is revival – the constant peace of God ruling in our hearts because we are full to overflowing with blessing, both for ourselves and for others … … loving others and concerned for their salvation.God is love and the moment we fail fo love others, we put ourselves out of fellowship with God – for God loves them – even if we do not.All the things that come between us and others, come between us and God, and spoil our fellowship with Him.Love ist not just a sentimental feeling, nor even a strong passion (read 1. Corinthians 13). Love is the nature of Jesus and it is a gift for us, for His nature ours, if He is ours. The love of Jesus poured out in our hearts will make us want to help each others in this way.He wants to see us changed into His likeness.God nearly always tests us through other people.from „The Calvary Road – Exploring Christianity“ by Roy Hession.

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